Five hats to invest in

When you see a wool felt hat, you're instantly transported to the hot chocolate season. As its ability to keep you warm doesn't exactly lend itself for poolside weekends, it's perfectly preserved in your closet until the gloomy season returns. As a new season approaches it is tempting to buy the hat that's the latest trend but we're more about the long term. These five hats have stood the test of time and will always be your fall/winter wardrobe staple. 


1. The fedora hat is an instant classic that belongs in everyone's wardrobe and this camel Cleo is our all-time favorite.


2. The classic cloche style is a go-to hat for women with a more narrow face shape. It is made of wool felt and trimmed with a gracious felt bow: the perfect classic, we think!

3. A deep burgundy red fedora that will brighten up winters for years to come and this one is classic enough that you'll love it, even for decades to come.


4. The cap is back in all its glory and you can bet it's here to stay. A legendary style that was created by Coco Chanel during the 30's and it is now available in the iconic Linton Tweed.


5. Now is the time to invest in a beautiful trilby hat. The assymetric upturn brim on one side makes you look taller and who doesn't love that?